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March 17, 2017

CD Security, Tips for You

Two-thirds of seniors 60 years and older in the United States have been victims or targets of at least one online scam or hack. Identity thieves are more sophisticated than ever before.  At CD Bank, we care about your identity, information, and money. Here are some tips to make sure you’re secure online.

Create passwords that are very strong. Use them to lock all Internet-enabled devices. That means make sure your password isn’t your last name or your spouse’s and include numbers and symbols if you can.

Log out. Always. You might think that closing out of the web browser is enough to exit, but it leaves you vulnerable to hackers. Choose the log out function that is typically at the top of your screen.

Keep Security Software Up to Date. Antivirus and antispyware programs are the first lines of defense against viruses that could infect your computer and leave you susceptible to hackers. They won’t do any good, though, if you don’t use them. Find a reputable program and make sure to download upgrades and patches immediately. 

At CD Bank, we want your online banking experience to be as safe, simple, and secure as possible! You’ve worked hard for your money and we know that. As your money grows, we make sure it’s there for you when you want it.

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CD Bank is the online division of TBK Bank, SSB. We are dedicated to offering a simple, safe and steady way to grow your savings, paired with the convenience of an online account. We’re here to provide our customers with steady growth and guaranteed returns aimed at helping them reach their savings goals.